Products To Save The Day

Hey everyone,

How are things? Let me know what you’ve been up to lately in the comments, but for now get yourself a cuppa, sit back and relax for the post ahead.

As I have been posting mainly lifestyle related posts lately, I thought I would post one about the products that have been saving my day. You know the ones, where you reach for them in a rush? Something to throw on, that you know will make you look partially more awake when you haven’t had time for a coffee? Yep those ones, I thought why not.

I am just one of those girls, who really enjoys doing my makeup, testing out my makeup limits and trying out new products (As I’m sure a lot of us are). I really hate it when people suggest you wear makeup for the purpose of someone else, and you have to be like, erm no! Hold on a second I’m wearing this for me, because I enjoy it and it makes me feel confident.

Right, I’ll stop rambling now and get to it.

  1. Bio Oil:
    This product has saved my face quite literally. My skin suffered so much from being excessively oily, quite red and suffering a lot from more than the occasional blemish. However, after making sure my skin was completely clean in the evenings and then applying the oil before I go to sleep, has really made a difference. It did take a few weeks, but I was seeing results and feeling so confident in my skin.
  2. L’Oreal Matte:
    I am a massive, inface HUGE fan of matte liquid lipsticks, I bloody love ’em. However, as we all know, they are so freakin’ drying and it drives me mad. I mean I’ll never change, I will always love a good matte lip and I will power through and have dry lips for the cause, but L’Oreal have given me some magic by their cream matte lips. They are so so comfortable to wear, and I’m just loving the feel and the look. These are definitely a must have and even though they aren’t as long-lasting as matte liquid lipsticks, they feel so much more natural on the lips.
  3. Night
    This perfume by The White Company, is incredible. Think Tom Ford, only cheaper. That is exactly what it smells like, and I’m currently obsessed with this scent. I love the smell on my boyfriend as much as I love the smell on me. It is definitely worth the money if you’re thinking of buying a new perfume for yourself or a partner/friend.
  4. Rimmel London Foundation:
    This foundation is my go-to holy grail. It’s so cheap and it’s soooo good. I love trying out different foundations, it’s like that thing I’m always switching up. However, if my skin is getting a bit ropey I’ll revert back to this one because I know how good it is and I really trust it.
  5. Morphe: 
    I think this palette speaks for itself. I mentioned one of them in a previous post of mine, but I’m still using it and I’m still loving it. I’m really into reds on the eyes right now, and this just has the perfect shades. I’ll be posting a look using the red shades in this palette, so you can have a look at how I’m doing it and recreating it if you like it.
  6. Baby oil:
    For me Baby Oil is one of those things I go in and out of using, just because of the hassle really. However, lately my skin has been in need of some TLC and I always go back to Baby Oil because of the wonders it does for me. Really, I shouldn’t stop using it, I just get really complacent when it comes to moisturising my whole body, but now I have got back into the swing of things, I would definitely recommend using Baby Oil.

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