How I Stay Positive

Hey there,

How is everyone? It’s not been too long since my last post about how to get motivated, so I thought I would do a sort of sister post about how I stay positive. I feel like this is one of those things which everyone struggles with as its effected by outside factors out of your control.

If you read my post about me quitting my job, you will know that I’ve been having a little bit of a strange few weeks, but I’ve been staying positive and keeping myself busy and it was SO nice. It felt like I was just waking up everyday and working for myself, and to me that’s the ultimate dream.


So, to get to the point I thought I would write a little post about my morning routine and how it sets me up for a productive and positive day. As much as I love mornings, which believe me I do, I honestly think mornings and cosy nights brainstorming creativity and ideas are my favourite parts of the day, the middle is just me doing work and I still have fun, but the feeling I get when I wake up and brew a fresh pot of coffee is like no other. Is that weird?

  1. Breakfast:
    I LOVE breakfast time, it’s so refreshing to wake up and have a fresh start to the day. It is the perfect time to start organising- whilst drinking coffee of course. Which is why everyday I wake up, have a healthy – but tasty – breakfast and brew a fresh pot of coffee, so the smell of coffee beans just goes through the flat (It’s incredible!)
  2. Organise:
    I know a lot of us don’t have the time in the morning, but try and set aside 10 minutes. Go through your diary, update it where neccesary and just make yourself aware with what you’ve got on that day, trust me it will make you so much more at ease. Also, if you’ve not got a diary you need to get one.
  3. Happy:
    Make sure you’re doing something every day that is going to make you happy. It’s no good just doing everything for everyone else, I mean it’s nice and we should all make an effort to throw around kindness, but remember to be kind to yourself. I make sure that I sit down, watch some YouTube videos, read a little, watch my favourite shows or just work on something that I’m really enjoying. 
  4. Write a list:
    If you haven’t already gathered, I’m slightly obsessed with organisation, stationary and yep that’s pretty much it. I write lists on a daily basis, but I sit down and write one when I’m feeling a need to be productive or finding I’m in a little bit of rut and forgetting what it is that I want to achieve. I list things that I want to accomplish this year, this month it could even be a more immediate thing, where you write down what you want to achieve that week or that day. If you have something in writing in front of you, it’s just pushing you to make the right choices to get to those places.
  5. Don’t forget:
    Most importantly don’t forget what it is you’re wanting to achieve. It can be so easily lost and forgotten where you are headed, because you have to do some things first to get you there most of the time. This could be working as a waitress or sat in an office. It could be anything, just don’t let it deter you forever.

I know these things take up a little more time than you would usually spend in the mornings or in the evenings, but make sure you are having time to reflect on things and time to yourself.

If you have any comments or questions about anything, let me know in the comments. 😊

Love as always, and see you next time!



4 thoughts on “How I Stay Positive

  1. A Message In A Blog

    I’m always searching for new blogs and i’m glad I stumbled across yours! Love this one, i’ve written a few on Happiness, Positivity and being able to Love Yourself if you’d like to have a read. Keep up the good work 🙂


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