My Top 3 Must Haves This Month

Hey everyone,

I know it’s been a while, but between New Year, my laptop breaking and just generally trying to get my thoughts together and organised, it’s been a busy one for me.

Over the last couple of months I have been trying a whole hot of new products, loving new items in my house and purchasing a lot of unnecessary things that are absolutely necessary if you ask me. (My boyfriend might tell you otherwise)

First of all I thought instead of doing a favourites post, I’d do my top 3 favourite items from the last month, this way I can really tell you in depth why I love it, and why it might be good for you.

Over on my YouTube channel I have included a range of things, so you can take a look Here to see what filled in the gaps with this months favourites.

First of all, I’m sure you’re all feeling the same way, but oh my does Winter weather hit your skin like a tonne of bricks. My skin has been extremely confused about whether it is oily or dry, but has eventually stuck to one: Oily. If you have been reading my blogs for a long time, you will know that my skin loves to play up, but is really oily and get get quite greasy at times. Therefore, I have been on the hunt for a brand new foundation, and low and behold – I found one.


  1. Kiko, Liquid Skin. (My Shade: Warm Beige)
    This foundation has not only served my well over the last month or so, but it’s really swayed my decision on how much I pay for a product. Kiko is not what I would class as drug store at all, but also something that’s much more affordable than high end, I feel as though it sits comfortably in the middle, by this I mean the foundation costs around £19.00, and you get a lot for your money. The first thing I loved about this was the packaging and the droplet applicator, I find these really handy and quite simple to use, as well as feeling like something a little more luxurious. Applying the foundation is so easy, and quite frankly, therapeutic. I’ve always loved doing my makeup, but this makes the job that much easier by its ability to blend seamlessly into the skin, so much so that I’ve switched back to brushes to apply my foundation and have no fear of the brushstroke curse (We’ve all been here). I would say that this isn’t full coverage, more like medium but easy to build without looking caked on your face. It last throughout the day, and for me powder isn’t always a necessary top up throughout the day, which is a new addition to my life and I can tell you saves a lot of time and effort. All in all, for me such a great product with a beautiful finish.


2. Morphe Palette
This palette has breathed life into my eye makeup recently, and has encouraged me to be a little more bold and a lot more adventurous with the looks I create on a day to day basis. As a creative person I love to test the limits with colour and different looks, but sometimes it can be expenive, time consuming and quite frankly in the mornings before work I don’t always have the energy (before my coffee at least). However, this beautiful palette has pushed me into doing something a bit different each day, which I love. The colour pay off and pigmentation of these is incredible, I swatch it in my YouTube video, and it is just so pleasing to watch! For the price of this, which is around £25.00 you’re getting a bargain! I’m definitely willing to purchase and invest in a few more palettes because they are stunning and allow so much creativity!


As we all know, when New Year hits us, it’s all about that diet. Or at least for those of us who have far exceeded our daily calorie intake over Christmas, and need the holiday chub to budge. I invested in a new cookbook, which you all will or should know of called : ‘Eat Smart’ written by the beautiful fitness, health and lifestyle blogger Niomi Smart. She is so motivating and incredibly good at heath and showcasing how to achieve a better lifestyle. This book has honestly been a solid kitchen staple for me since I got it, and I tried these little treats out last night, and oh my they are incredible. I have tried so many recipes out of this book, and for someone who loves a sweet treat I feel slowly but surely this may be changing my life (bold statement I know, but so true). If you can, pick this up and try some of the incredibly tasty recipes, and p.s Her YouTube channel is definitely one to watch.

I know this was only three things, but it allowed to really get into why I loved these so much, and really give you an insight into why you should be loving them as well! As I said, my YouTube channel  (Click Here) fills in the blanks for the rest of the month giving you a bit more of an idea of the stuff that’s been a staple in my life for the last month+.

I’m really happy and pleased to be blogging and writing again, and now I’ve got myself a new laptop it enables me to be a little more organised, and write a lot more!

As always, thank you so much for reading, and popping over and I will see you on Sunday.




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