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So if you follow me on Instagram/Twitter you will know that myself and my boyfriend decided to go on a spontaneous trip to Edinburgh, so I thought I’d do a little blog post on how it was and how we found being there.

I took some pictures of Edinburgh, and it wasn’t hard photography the place just boasts so many picturesque places, so I’ll let you have a look at those in this post as well.

The reason we decided to go was because we haven’t had a break away from home in so long, and it seemed like the perfect time of year! That and the fact it was a little surprise from Brett. We hopped on the train on New Year’s day, without even thinking that the prices of the taxis would be A LOT higher than normal, and with us not knowing where we were going in Edinburgh, that sucked up a lot of our spending money which yes was a little frustrating, but if you’re on holiday you’ve got to be willing to spend a bit more than usual.

If you haven’t been to Edinburgh I would definitely recommend, that is if you’re going to do more then just drink as in Scotland they don’t have ANY and I mean any drinks offers which makes eating out and having a few drinks after your meal an expensive part of the trip. However if you’re willing to delve into Edinburgh’s rich history, and magnificent quaint little eateries, along with streets filled with new places to see and go then you’re in luck.

We spent our trip discovering new places, exploring the streets of Edinburgh that house the most adorable independent shops and seeing what it had to offer and we were not disappointed. We ate way too much food, drank a little too much, got extremely cold whilst exploring, but had the best time.

The highlight of our trip was wandering around late at night down little alley ways, and finding the most adorable places to stop and spend time together surrounded by the locals. It was that night that we wandered to Edinburgh castle which is perched on the edge of what looks like the highest rock you have ever seen, and just glows with old history and enchants you in the dim night light. It’s here when you can see the whole of Edinburgh light up and just experience something really beautiful, when there’s no one around the castle and that was the best part of the trip in my opinion. It helped to wake up early and go shopping, where we found the most beautiful, traditional looking book shop on a small side street boasting character before you even walk through the door, it was small things like this that made out trip extra special.

We made some extremely funny memories, like the fact we went to Edinburgh Dungeons to feel like children again and experience something historic, but something that makes you laugh, however when we entered I felt so claustrophobic in there I had to leave! Which was so frustrating, but we carried on about our day and soon forgot that.

Edinburgh was a beautiful little city break away from home, which we loved. Although it was slightly expensive and I feel as though we definitely exhausted the tourist aspect of it all, we would go back to enjoy the alternative bars, the quaint little side streets that house the most charismatic places, and to drink traditional Scottish whiskey, and to obviously make more great memories.

I hope you had the most wonderful New Year, let me know what you did in the comments, and however short and sweet this post was I hope you enjoyed the read, and if you fancy going to Edinburgh let me know and I can suggest some really nice places.

As it’s the New Year I’ll be posting every Sunday and Wednesday along with my YouTube videos that go up every Sunday and Wednesday! So follow the blog for more of me! 🙂

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