Festive Life Hacks

Hey there everyone, I hope you’re having an absolutely lovely Sunday maybe watching some Christmas films and having a festive night in? Whatever it is you’re doing have a little read of this to make your life easier over the festive period!

I compiled a list of 5 festive life hacks to give you some ideas of DIY activities to get you in the festive spirit, and things that will save you a few pennies over the next couple of years hopefully!

    1. If you want to give your house a festive scent over Christmas and give a warm festive welcome to your guests, then boil some water pop in some clove and cinnamon and it will make your house smell DIVINE, and it’s so simple.


    2. Creating ornaments is such a therapeutic and creative way to spend your time and you can use the trunk of your christmas tree to do so. If you look at the picture below, it is a really sweet and effective way to enhance the way your tree looks, you might have to make them for next year if you don’t want the hassle when you first get your tree, but either way it’s a good little trick.


    3. This one is my favourite, (and tasty) get cookie cutter in the shape of a heart and pop it into the freezer for the next time you make a hot chocolate and you can take it out, pop it in and it will taste SO nice.


    4. Baking is one of my greatest joys, and it it such a good excuse for some ‘Me’ time. I find it it one thing that just calms me down, and it is so rewarding when you finish and you get to eat everything you’ve made so that is the best reason to do it, so with this one it can go two ways you can bake the gingerbread cookies and eat them OR you can bake them, cover them in three coats of varnish & use them as adorable Christmas decorations.


    5. This last one is so cute and so simple! Glue three candy cones together and they are the cutest little table card holders and so so festive, I love them and will definitely be doing it this year.







8 thoughts on “Festive Life Hacks

  1. Monique Diplock

    I love these ideas!! Especially the three one! Where I am in Australia, it’s hot so doing the heart one is a bit gluggy for lack of a better word, haha it’s just how i feel when i drink hot beverages in summer. Thank you for sharing, what a nice post!


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