Blogmas & Vlogmas ๐ŸŽ„

Hey there,

This month is super exciting for everyone, and I want to begin by saying it’s finally December which means we can officially be extremely festive (If you haven’t been already) and to sing along to Christmas songs at every opportunity, bake festive treats and eat our body weight in chocolate *cheers of joy*.

It’s time for Blogmas & Vlogmas which is so exciting and I’m happy to say I’ll be participating in both and it’s going to be so much fun! This means there will be a blog post from me every day, and a vlog every single day until December 25th, YouTube will include a main channel video every Sunday as well and a few giveaways, but I’m not going to be giving too much away!

I hope you enjoy the masses of festive fun coming your way as much as I’m going to enjoy making it ย because let’s face it (or is it just me) I absolutely LOVE watching vlogs (over vlogmas especially) so if you’re the same as me I will leave all my links below so you can come around with me this festive season!


YouTube Channel | Very Beth


Instagram | Very Beth


Twitter | Very Beth
See you tomorrow,



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