Date night, Food review & GIVEAWAY

Hey, how is everybody doing? It’s Thursday tomorrow, literally how fast has this week gone?

If you’re wondering¬†about the giveaway scroll to the bottom to find out how to enter. ¬†

I’m currently sat watching¬†The¬†Holiday getting into the festive mood¬†and loving every second of it. What¬†a great film, I¬†always forget how much I love it until I watch it¬†and my love for it is reignited.

Anyways, I’m¬†going to¬†stop rambling on¬†and¬†tell you¬†about what it is you came here to read.

I¬†love to eat out,¬†It’s just one of those novelties that¬†just never wears off, or¬†at least it doesn’t for me. I thought that¬†I would start to share with you the restaurants and places I’ve been loving so that it you fancied eating out you can come here¬†and get some ideas.

Recently I went to ‘Busaba’, it’s a Thai restaurant in Manchester City centre, and¬†as a big fan of Thai food I thought I¬†might as well give it a go, and I’m glad that I¬†did.

Walking into the restaurant you are greeted politely by a host and the aroma of burning incense. The ambience of the restaurant is beautifully controlled, with candles on each table, perfect lighting and an extremely cosy seating area, the atmosphere is intimate and I felt comfortable as soon as I walked in.

We started out by being seated on¬†a cosy little corner table¬†and being given¬†a few minutes to¬†have¬†a look¬†at the extensive menu that was placed in front of us. If you’re a vegetarian then you will love it here, there is SO much choice and if you’re not ¬†vegetation then you will like it here too, it did take us ¬†while to look t the menu and decide what it was that we wanted because¬†of the vast range of choice, however we¬†decided on going big and¬†ordering ¬†starter, main and dessert.

For my starter I ordered some vegetable spring rolls, because I absolutely love a¬†good spring roll and these were the ones on offer,¬†and¬†Brett got some chicken strips which were amazing¬†and we had some prawn crackers because who wouldn’t when they taste that good? I feel like we went on¬†a mission to eat¬†a LOT of food.


We literally polished those off so fast¬†and they were delightful, I didn’t really like the sauce that came with the chicken strips because it was¬†extremely limey but Brett loves that sort of stuff so he devoured it.

For mains I went for smoked chicken with¬†a side of chinese broccoli because lets face it broccoli is the¬†best food in the world¬†and I’m so obsessed with it, Brett (my boyfriend if¬†any of you were like who is this guy she keeps talking about haha) went for the Seabass which he said¬†with hindsight he would have gone for something he knew he would have liked but he took a bit of a gamble with what he ordered and wasn’t too keen. However I loved mine!

Finally for dessert we were soooo stuffed we decided to share a creme brulee  which was fab and we loved it, oh and we had a lot of wine which was definitely a nice little addition to our meal out, but all in all we had such a great experience and will definitely be coming here again.


We then went on to drink a few cocktails and play a little bit of pool which is something we always do and I lose at pool every single time, one day I will win (hopefully).

We took¬†so many pictures and even got a few polaroids to remember our cute ‘lil date by.

If you want to see how to get the makeup look in these photos I have got a tutorial on my YouTube channel for you & a little bit of a giveaway . Click here to watch & enter the giveaway. 




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