Day One – Health and Fitness


How have you guys been?

I’ve decided to start on a keeping fit and eating a lot healthier mission, which for me is going to be super hard, because I am self confessed pizza addict, but I thought it was about time – considering I’m 21 – to have a bit of a lifestyle change.

I figured it would be a nice idea to kind of document it on my blog, if only to have a place where I can check my progress, and something I can look forward to writing.

I am fairly new to all this so any advice you have for me would be amazing.

I’m going to be posting a ‘What I eat in a day’ every Tuesday, to show you, and hopefully you can give me a few recipe ideas that I could try out.

Check back on Tuesday at 17:00pm to see what I’ve been eating in a day with a few recipes.

As i said, let me know if you have any ideas of foods/recipes that I could try out just comment below šŸ™‚






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