The perfect day

Hey everyone!

So I’m sat here, and I’ve just managed to tear myself away from the black hole of YouTube, you know when you sit and watch one video and you look at the time and it’s almost 2 hours later, and you’re just like HOW DID I GET HERE.

So after watching all of that, I kind of thought I should update my own blog, and update you on what I’ve been doing, and see what you’ve been up to. (I stalk so many blogs it’s unreal, I kind of feel like that’s where my energy for life it going, reading books and blogs, and of course YouTube black hole)

SO…I’ve been kind of wanting a little trip for a while just to clear my head away from the city living, because as much as I love it sometimes you just need a bit of a break and some clean air!


So that’s me, looking super happy and in a gorgeous place called Edale, in the peak district! This is the most adorable place I’ve been too in a while, so relaxing and so close to where I live it’s weird that I haven’t thought of going before. It’s about a 45 minute journey on the train, and so I took my camera and thought I’d go and explore and take a few pictures.

If you’re in a need of some TLC, I’d say this is the place. There’s cosy pubs tucked into the quaint streets, where they serve some proper English classics for you to eat whilst you walk around the village, and then you of course have the beauty of the scenery. It feels like the setting of a Jane Austin book.

You can walk around the village, hike on the trails, or just do your own thing and explore different corners of the place. We did so much there, and stopped off at the pub on our walk up, we played some pool, ate some incredible food and explored a really beautiful place. It was THE most relaxing day I’ve had in so long!

So yep, if you’re in need of a break away from city life or just general life, definitely check this place out and just appreciate what it feels to kind of go back in time for the day or the weekend.


Thirsty For Thought.


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