My Ultimate CHILL playlist


I thought I’d do a little bit of a different post today. Instead of a beauty / lifestyle post I thought I’d give you some absolute bangers to listen to if you’re in need of some chill out time, which I’m pretty sure you are.

Most of these songs are light your candles in the bath, stick a bath bomb in and relax kind of tunes. They’re a little slow, acoustic and some of the lyrics are pretty beautiful, that doesn’t mean they’re sad songs (some might be) but they’re songs that give you time to relax and maybe think about life if you really wanted to.

So here goes,

I’m going to start with my absolute all time favourite song, I would link their YouTube, but I couldn’t find some on there, however they are ALL on Spotify so you’ll be able to find them there, and even create your own playlist if you wanted.

  1. Promise – Ben Howard. The guy is an absolute genius, and someone who I would love to see live, all of his music is just really raw and brilliantly written, I don’t actually think there is a song I don’t love that Ben Howard has created. What a dream, and he’s cute too. What more could you want?
  2. Rusted Root – Send me on my way. This song is SUCH a feel good song, it’s one of those where when it comes on, I automatically just want to get up and dance which is never a bad idea, I feel dancing is the way to just make everything feel okay, when maybe it isn’t or maybe you just want to dance like a freak – that’s okay too.
  3. Paper Kites – Neon Crimson. This song was shown to me by one of my friends, who when he first played me the song, sat down and explained the lyrics to me in a really beautiful way which made me love the song even more. It’s all about emotion and how that’s really the only thing that matters anyway. Give it a listen and tell me you love it, otherwise we just can’t be friends.
  4. Jack Garratt – Worry. WHAT AN ABSOLUTE BANGER. This song is the ultimate chill. His voice is amazing, and I love the way his songs are put together hence why it’s in my ultimate chill playlist.
  5. Lying to you – Keaton Henson. Now, pre warning you this song is a little sad, but never the less it’s brilliant. It’s one of those songs I heard when I got buried into the black hole of YouTube, when you just can’t stop watching videos, and I came across this lucky find. This might be one of my favourite songs of all time, just because it’s quite different to anything I’ve heard, and it’s brutally honest in the lyrics. Honestly give this one a listen!
  6. Better Man – George Ogilvie. I hope I spelt that right, it’s a hard one. One of the best things for me to hear live is the sound of a harmonica, It’s just one of those things that can make anything sound incredible when it’s played right, and this song does just that.
  7. If you ever wanna be in love – James Bay. I had to include some James Bay, because he’s my go to guy. As in I listen to at least 3 of his songs every single day, and I just could never get bored. This song for me is one of those I listened to at a particular time in my life, and it just reminds me of then, and I love that a song can do that. If you listen to the Acoustic version you’ll fall in love with it just as much as I did I’m sure.
  8. Somebody else – the 1975. This song is just a must on everyones chill playlist. It’s a really great song, with the lyrics portraying an emotion that I’m pretty sure everyone has felt at some point, that’s why I love it.
  9. As we are now – Saint Raymond. I found this song about a year ago now, I was shopping in selfridges and I heard it playing and I had no idea what song it was! I was making my sister shazam it on her phone at the same time as me, so at least one of us could find it. It was actually pretty funny because we were both running round the shop trying to find the loudest point – weird I know, but you know when you just hear a song and you HAVE to know what it is, yep well that’s me.
  10. Mother & Father – Broods. I heard this song when I was at work, and it’s just one of those really nice songs that you feel really content listening to, It’s pretty damn good.

I hope you guys like the choices I made! It gives you an excuse to just take some time out for yourself, listen to some beautiful music and relax. Everyone deserves a bit of a chill out, just remember to make time for it!

If you wanted to see any more of my playlists, I wrote a piece for Cultured Vultures last year about the best songs of 2015 so far.


Comment any of your favourites down below, and anything you would add to your Ultimate chill out playlist.


Thirsty For Thought.



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