So, I’m sat here lazing around on my couch, putting my time to good use by writing this post, as well as sippin’ on a lil’ homemade cocktail.

It’s a twist on the classic Sex on the Beach, I just added a little Malibu to it, and there you have it.

I thought I’d post a few of my current favourites that I’ve been loving lately.

Favourite Number One – VO5 plump it up heat protection spray. I love this SO much. I’ve been getting into blow drying my hair lately for the added bit of volume, and it just feels really bouncy and light, and my boyfriend kind of loves it, so it’s a win win.

Number Two – Smashbox Studio Skin, 15 hour wear hydrating foundation. I’ve heard SO many great things about this, so I thought I’d take the plunge and just give it a go. I can tell you right from the second they matched this to my skin tone, to getting it home and applying it myself I just fell in love with it. It creates an incredibly flawless look on the skin, and it really does stay in place like it says. I’m not sure about the 15 hour thing, because I don’t really wear it for that amount of time, but I can vouch for the fact that it stays on until I take it off before bed, and I’m happy with that. I have quite sensitive skin, and this works perfectly for me!

Number Three – NYX cream suede lipsticks. Okay, so for the price of these it really does pay off, off the top of my head I think these were about 5-6 pounds each, s pretty worth it. I got ‘Athens’ in the cream suede lipsticks, now this isn’t very opaque and you do have to apply it more than once, but it lasts a while and the colour is beautiful, and it smells BRILLIANT like all my favourite desserts in a one. I then got ‘Cherry Skies’ which is a little bit bigger then Athens, and this is a beautifully opaque deep red. I’m in love with this colour! The colour pay off is amazing!

Number Four – Is the L’oreal Glam Bronze, La Terra Bronzer. This is a beautiful bronzer, it is extremely pigmented, so be a little careful on how much you wack on the brush! It’s got the smallest bit of shimmer to it, which I love because we’re coming into summer, so it doesn’t completely matify your face!

Number five – The perfect summer scent. I’ve been switching between Jimmy Choo and Coco Chanel Mademoiselle, both of which are extremely different scents, however both still summer scent perfect!

Finally Number Six – Is my DIY coffee scrubs, which I posted about in my previous post, Coffee Scrub Bars DIY – go and have a look, they are like the easiest thing in the world to make and so effective! Use once a week, for THE softest skin, and bam you’re on your way to being summer ready!

I hope you’ve seen something that catches your eye with these favourites, and post in the comments your absolute favourite from this month.


Thirsty For Thought.





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