Coffee Scrub Bars DIY


So I thought this post was scheduled to go up on Sunday..turns out it didn’t! So here it is now…

I have been reading SO much about the greatness and basically magical wonders that coffee scrubs can do for your skin, but they are on the pricey side of life..and like my mum always says ‘you’ve got champagne taste, and lemonade money’ which is kind of true for pretty much everyone I think!

However…I LOVE a bit of DIY and I found this one on Poppy Deyes blog, and I thought it looked super easy so I would try it myself and share with you my thoughts.

Basically you need a bit of ground coffee and a drop coconut oil..yep that’s it. so you have no excused not to try it!

How To:

Heat the Coconut Oil in a pan until it melts

Take the Oil off the heat and begin to stir in the ground coffee, making sure it’s a quite a thick mixture

Finally pop your mixture into an Ice cube tray and leave them over night (if you want smaller bars, which I did as they are useful for one use in the shower, if the bars are too big they’ll break in the shower when not using them, so FYI – keep in the freezer in a container when not using)

The next morning when they’re done, you can basque in your homemade glory – literally. They make your skin feel SO SO soft, I’m obsessed, and I saved about 25.00 pounds. So I think it’s a win win.


I hope you guys give this a try and tag me in your pictures if you do! Comment any other DIY links you have on your own blog, as I love a bit of DIYing.

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Thirsty For Thought.


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