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I figured I hadn’t done a favourites post in a while and thought, seen as it was my 21st birthday last week and I had received lots of goodies (yay), I’d post some of my most recent favourites. I have been on quite a splurge as well this month (eek), so I have kept some of the products on hold until I try them out properly so I can give you my honest opinion, but theses ones I’ve tried (and loved).


I’m going to start with the eyes, as you can see I have the Tartelette ‘In Bloom’ Palette, which is the most aesthetically pleasing product I think I’ve ever owned. It it SO beautiful! This palette has incredible packaging, and the range of colours are a beautiful range of earthy browns and nudes, some sheer and some matte colours. It’s basically my every day go to look right now. I feel like it’s a really versatile palette, it’s easy to build up and create a really lovely smokey eye, or you can just keep it simple for an every day look with some of the softer nudes, the colour pay off as well is incredible, it’s so pigmented! I saw a couple of YouTubers saying they weren’t too keen on this, but I honestly couldn’t understand it! I think it’s amazing, definitely a must have.

The second palette I’m going to be talking about is of course Urban Decays Naked palette, Number 1. I love bronzes and browns on my eyes, as it’s just my go to kind of look, and the browns really compliment the makeup I like to wear, so I feel as though this needed to be in my makeup bag. A bit late to the party, but it’s better late then never, and I got here, and I’m loving it. ‘Half Baked’ has to be my favourite to use in the palette. It’s such a beautiful way to spruce up your eyes, and it’s so pigmented that you don’t even need to use a lot on your brush, which is an added bonus, because it means the palette will last as long as possible! All in all, definitely a keeper for my makeup bag.


Sticking with eyes, and this one is a much more affordable product, prices at just 4.99, it’s the Rimmel Extra 3D lash mascara in Extreme Black. I’ve wanted to try this after seeing it pop up a couple of times, so I was in the shop, saw it and thought it’s the perfect opportunity to give it a go. Now I’m not too fussy when it comes to Mascaras, I kind of feel like they’re the same whether it’s high end or not, so I usually just buy Drug store ones, and I’m still open to trying more, but I feel like this one will definitely do for now! It’s quite light I’d say on the lashes, but definitely build-able, it’s not a really gloopy one, where you apply it and suddenly you have about 4 eyelashes, which is why I love it so much!

Keeping with Rimmel theme, I have seen SO many raving reviews about their 25 hours foundation, so I had to go and try it out, and I got the shade Ivory. I don’t usually like to use drug store foundations, because I find the coverage isn’t really what I’m looking for, and they aren’t normally very build-able as it starts to look quite cakey, but after seeing so many bloggers talking about this product I bought it for I think 7.99 and It’s literally my best investment to date, haha. People invest in houses, and business and I invest in makeup! The consistency of this product I love, it’s quite thick, like a MAC foundation so you don’t need to much, and if you need more it’s so build-able. It’s probably THE best Drug store foundation, and I think a great money saver because if I received this in a MAC bottle I probably wouldn’t be any the wiser. The colour matching is so nice on my skin, as I’m quite pale I suffer from some foundations being quite orange? do you get this? It’s so frustrating, but this is a great colour match for my skin!

Moving on to my lips, I have had two new brilliant lipsticks I have been using. One for every day use, and the other for more of a going out kind of look. The lipsticks both of which are MAC Matte shades, one being ‘Mehr’ and the other ‘Amorous’ I’m so sad because Amorous is currently sitting in my brothers car, because me being me I left it after going for some food the other day (cries a little) but we’ll be reunited soon I’m sure. Amorous is a plum kind of colour, and great for a statement lip and has the signature matte MAC long lasting effect which I love, and ‘Mehr’, pictured above, is much more of a day time look for me, It’s such a gorgeous shade of deep pink, and it’s just beautiful, not too bright but not dark enough that you can’t pass it off for your every day makeup! I did buy ‘Velvet Teddy’ as well, as I loved the colour on YouTuber Sammy Robinson, because it always looked so bright on her, but when I tried it on, the shade was quite dark on me, and it turned out that when I tried ‘Mehr’ on, it was how I wanted Velvet Teddy to look!

And finally, I always have to fit in a LUSH bathbomb! I have been loving LUSH so much recently that It’s like a routine to go and pick one up before or after my shift at work, so when I get home I can just run myself a bath, watch a few YouTube videos and hauls and relax.

I hope you enjoyed a couple of my favourites! Any questions let me know! I’ll be doing a Makeup tutorial that will be up on Wednesday for a smokey eye using the ‘In Bloom’ palette so you can see what the colours are like, and what kind of makeup look I wear with this palette!

Tag me in your favourites posts below so I can read up on them, I always love reading everyones favourites, I think they’re the best posts!


Thirsty For Thought.




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