Mid-month Favourites & A bit of a LUSH haul

Hey everyone!

As always, thank you for reading!

I thought, with only 5 days until Christmas I’d do a little mid month favourites post, so you can treat yourself before hand or give someone else a great gift! There’s a lot of random things in this one, so there’s a few different choices. Let’s get to it!

img_3522There are so many little things in this basket, and as you can see, they are basically for making a bath cocktail! I think I’m definitely a bath product connoisseur right now, if that’s even a thing – either way you get what I mean, so right now these are some of the things I’ve been trying out.

  1. Cidal Soap – This is THE best soap, and I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it in previous blogs, because this is like magic for my skin. Honestly, if you’re having trouble with your skin at the minute, you can pick this up from Boots for as little as 3 pounds and it really does work wonders.
  2. Golden Wonder – This Lush bath bomb is actually a current personal favourite. It makes my skin feel super soft, and quite frankly it’s glittery and shaped like a present, what more could you want, seriously?
  3. Sakura – This is another one from LUSH, and it’s actually probably my favourite scented bath bomb. I think it’s so fresh, and it smells of Jasmine, which is one of my favourite scents ever so it just works really well for me. It goes without saying that all of the bath bombs you get from LUSH make your skin amazingly soft, and this fits the bill.
  4. I’ve received a few Zoella products as an early Christmas present (very cheeky, I know) and the ones I got, are the Fizz Bar, Soak Opera, and Candy Cream. I honestly have to say I’m literally in love with all three products! I’m so happy because, I love reading her blogs, and these are the first products of hers that I’ve ever used, and I’m just really impressed right down to the quality of packaging to the scent of the product and to way it makes my skin feel, I’d suggest this as a great gift or just something as a treat for yourself!
  5. The Fresh Toner for your face from Lush is also hiding in this basket if you can see that as well, and It’s such a cool and really cheap product. You basically dissolve the tablet in hot water and let it open your pours for a little bit, and then you can use the water as a fresh toner for the next few days if you keep it in the fridge, pretty cool concept, and priced at only a pound I think it’s fair game. (I think you can tell I’ve been LOVING LUSH right now)
  6. You can also see in this basket of goodies the Butter Bear, and the Pink wand, both of which are my current Bath cocktail must haves. I love how long lasting the wand is, and the fact you can use it more then once, and I love the Butter Bear, because it’s filled with chunks of cocoa butter, and really lets be real what could be better for your skin! I think nothing…
  7. For my skin I’ve been using Cocoa Butters Facial Lotion, and to be honest it’s like rubbing velvet into my skin. I love the feel of this moisturiser on my face, and the way it really soaks in! If you’re having trouble with dryness at the minute give this one a try, it’ll really help you out.
  8. Finally, I have been using Baby Oil spray obsessively for the last couple of weeks, every day. So, every time I jump out of the shower, I spray this onto my skin, rub it in all over, and it’s probably the best thing I do. I always put my pyjamas back on after, and let it dry off for a bit first, however little tip – make sure you spray it on yourself standing on a towel of something, because it’s so slippy afterward, and yes, I learned the hard way. ouch.


The next Favourite of mine, is statement necklaces with a simple outfit. I wore this one out the other day, wearing all black, and It just made my casual outfit, pretty chic. It meant that I could be comfortable, and feel sexy too.


This mask is another favourite of mine right now! You can pick these up online, and they’re reusable, which is pretty cool. As you know if you’ve read my previous posts, I struggle with redness in my skin, and this has really eased it for me. You can pick these up online pretty much anywhere, and they’re pretty inexpensive for what they do!

I hope you Enjoyed this little selection of favourites! I’ll see you wednesday at 5, for my last post before Christmas! This will be a festive makeup tutorial so you can all feel festive with your makeup during Christmas.


Thirsty For Thought.


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