5 Minute Makeup in 5 Mini steps

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Now, I know my posts are meant to go up at 5 on a Sunday and a Wednesday, and lately I’ve been slacking, however, this will be religiously kept to going forward from today! So make sure you’re coming back every Sunday and Wednesday at 5, to read my latest posts!

I thought I would do a fun little post about 5 Minute makeup in 5 simple steps!

So, if you’ve ever been in a rush (which I’m sure we all have),woken up late for work, having a really lazy day and you need to run to the shop for supplies, then I hope this will be as useful for you as it is for me, because I seem to find myself in one of these situations ALL of the time.

Step One-

Moisturise your skin! If you’re in a rush then this is a must! It’ll help your foundation blend onto your skin, making it more even, and more natural! I use the Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturiser which I find great for my skin!

Step Two-

Apply your foundation! Now you can do this with a brush or with your fingers, for me I like to use a brush because I feel it covers more surface area quicker. If I’m in a real rush, I’ll just pop on a light layer and use an angled brush, making sure I get the foundation in all the places I need it most! For this, I tend to use my Mac NC20 foundation, if I’m a little more tanned, or I mix it with Nc15 if I’m pale, but I want a bit of a colour boost, hence the blend with Nc20.

Step 3-

I then apply some eyebrow wax, and I use Rimmel London Hazel for this, because I don’t really have time to apply any more products, but this helps to tame the brows, which for me is a much needed makeup tool!

Step 4-

I then go in with some light Mascara, to bring out my eyes and to make them look more awake, because lets face it, we probably overslept if we need this 5 minute makeup look! I use Dior Pro Black mascara for this, but any will do!

Step 5-

Finally, I add a bit of bronzer to liven those cheeks up! I cannot leave the house without bronzer on, in fear of my face having no definition, and having the dreaded all one colour effect! Even if I’m in a rush I need a little colour on my face! For this part I use Mac’s Medium Deep Bronzer, perfect if you want something subtle or if you want a little more colour you can always build!

I know this was a super quick one today, but I hope this helps you if, like me, tomorrow being Monday morning you wake up a little too late to perform your whole makeup routine, give yourself a break and do this mini makeover in 5 easy steps, in 5 minutes or under!

My next post will be up on Wednesday and 5, so come back then to read the latest on Thirsty For Thought.

Thank you for reading!


Thirsty For Thought.




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