Candle obsession & a little bit of hope

So, I’m sure you’ve all been getting on with every day life and not missing me at all but a girl can hope can’t she?!

I’ve been candle obsessed way more then usual so I’ve been shopping for lots of lovely scents, so I can tell you which ones are my favourites.


Blackcurrant & Forest Plum! Yum. Oh my, this is great. It smells so fresh, but the scent is really poignant if that makes sense, if you light it, I feel it really makes a different and you can really smell the candle, you know sometimes you get a candle and you’re really excited to light it (don’t tell me you don’t share this excitement)and it doesn’t really smell of anything? well this is the opposite, and I love it. it’s fresh, sweet and absolutely glorious.


Winter Berry is currently lighting up my living room as I’m typing away at this, and it’s freakin’ nice. it’s not as sweet as it might sound, it’s actually really subtle and fresh, which I was really in the mood for, also it says ‘Winter’ on it, and I love Christmas an inappropriate amount so I just bought it!


Red Berry & Jasmine, Now I literally love the smell of Jasmine, it might actually be my favourite smell ever I think, definitely in the top 3. How weird that I have a top three favourite scents? Honey Suckle being one of them, does anyone know of anywhere that would sell a Honey Suckle candle, if so please let me know! Anyway, back to the candle I DO have, it’s more apt to when you’re having a bath, with it’s floral smell and how it just exerts relaxation. Give it a try.


Pineapple and Ginger, I love anything with Ginger, it just reminds me of being younger when my nana would make her homemade Ginger biscuits, that are still to this day the best things ever. This candle is super subtle, I’d just use it to freshen up a room, or just to have on before you go to sleep, as you don’t want a really strong smelling candle burning before you go to sleep.


Look away now if you don’t want something Christmassy/Autumnal/Sweet and just all round festive. Cinnamon Maple, is incredible. it was the first one I lit, and it just brings to life the season, and creates your own little festive afternoon. It smells of all things nice, and I think it’s probably my fave!


Finally, I love this candle and as well as Winter Berry it’s also burning away right now. I love it because it’s a three wick candle and it just smells beautiful. I leave the room and when I come back in, the smell just hits me and It’s just lovely, and I always feel really cosy when it’s on. I will definitely buy about 10 more of these I’m sure!

Now the whole Candle Haul is over, I just had something quick to say. If you’re ever feeling down, and forget your worth, your ambition, and your ability to love and be loved, then remember one thing, just remember that everything changes you, and be open to it. If like me you love literature and books, and it’s turned you into a bit of a hopeless romantic, and you think love like that doesn’t exist, well it does I’m sure of it, and even if you don’t always feel as though it does, even the way it feels to read a book, put it down and feel how it changes you and your perspective on everything should be enough for now. And, if you don’t read good old romance novels, I’d probably advise you do, but find something that does that for you, no matter what it it, let it change you, open your mind and just feel it. It’s the worlds best thing to evolve and to have something impact you so much.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know!


Thirsty For Thought.


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