Some of my favourites as a little mid month treat!

Hey everyone! So as you know if you read my previous blog, I mentioned I would be doing a little favourites post, talking about the things I’d been using this month! Click here to read my previous posts! So I thought, that is what I shall do!


So, this month I thought I’d talk about some of the things I have found myself reaching for more than others!

  1. Rimmel London, (Starry Eyed) This colour is absolutely fantastic! It is really great for Autumn looks, if you want to try something a little more out there and it’s really reasonably priced. I find this a great alternative to Charlotte Tilbury’s Glastonbury lipstick, if you’re shopping on a budget, but you want the same kind of effect. Something berry toned, that focuses more on the purple notes without having a red tinge! You can get ‘Starry Eyed’ here!
  2. Mess Head shine on Serum. This is a really inexpensive product that I have been using just to smooth out my hair. If I am going for a sleek look, or just to tidy up the frizz a little bit, I find that this is a great product for that! You can pick this up in boots!
  3. Balance Me cream cleaner! Erm, did I not know about this earlier. I am obsessed with things that will make my skin feel and look younger because one of my biggest fears in life is the wrinkle on my forehead to indent any more or worse, to get any more! I am loving the way this feels on my skin, how effective it is and how fresh my skin feels afterward! You can get this here!
  4. Blush by 3 is a really lovely palette of blushes! I am loving these colours because they are quite warm! I am not ever really a fan of blush but I’m finding that this product may be opening a door to makeup heaven and discovery. Have a look at this product here!
  5. I love Palmers Cocoa Butter, and I always have, I’m a juge Palmers groupie. I love it! This product is amazing, making my skin look and feel smooth. Applying it after a Shower/Bath, which is what I usually do to really nourish your skin! Check it out here!
  6. Olay Total Effects 7. So as you know if you’ve read previous posts of mine I love to use anti aging products, because I feel using it whilst you’re young is way more preventative and beneficial to you! So I’ve been using the Loreal Youth Code for SOO long. Even though I love this product I really wanted to try Olay because of the great reviews! Have a look at this product here!
  7. Collection, 7 Day wear in White Out. This is literally a gift from the gods! It’s so white! I hate it when I buy a white nail polish and the colour is really wash out and ineffective. However, this one is amazing add 2 coats and it’s just bright white! You can pick this up at boots for around 3 pounds! So it’s really worth it if you love having white nails, the only thing I’d say is use a top coat just to make it stay and for a smoother finish!
  8. Charcoal mask, so as you know I’ve been raving about this product like crazy! I think i’ve over mentioned this product if it’s possible! Check it out here!
  9. Aussie, Miracle Recharge! I love this product it’s so lightweight and it works super well. As I’m not a huge fan of conditioner as my hair is really fine and I find it drags it down and takes all the ‘potential’ volume out, I like to use something light, and this product is freakin’ great for that! Take a look at this product here!

And, I think I’m done! I’ve added in all the links I could find for the products above! If you have any favourites you’d like to share, let me know! I always love finding new beauty products!

Thank you for a having a little read of my blog, I really appreciate it, and I hope this post has helped you out a little!


Thirsty For Thought.


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