Pamper session, makeup and being a bit silly!


Today, I had some spare time and what else is possibly better then eating a chocolate biscuit, watching Sex and The City, and having a little pamper session. I should think nothing is better then that!

I thought I’d tell you all what I did today to really cleanse my skin, and how I pampered myself!

Using these three products I did my ultimate facial cleanse. I am literally OBSESSING over this charcoal face mask at the minute, it made my skin feel so fresh and so soft it immediately just looked ten times better!


Miscellar Water – Garnier

Charcoal Face Mask – Quick fix facials

Balance Me – Restore and Replenish cream cleanser

And some makeup remover pads, any kind will do!

Cleanse your face firstly with the Miscellar water, and finish off with the Balance me cleaner, making sure your skin is completely cleared of any makeup or dirt!


Completely clear skin is essential before you start applying the mask!

Start applying your mask using a brush or simply using your fingers, eventually it should be fairly even and looking like this..


Leave the mask on for bout 10 minutes, less if you want to!

After your face should be feeling lovely and fresh! This product is an absolute must have it is AMAZING.

Then, I put on a nose strip, just because I wanted to really/ definitely needed to! (pulling silly faces is completely optional, but I feel it really enhances the whole experience)


Then I did a really simple makeup look to show you guys!



P.s (I really need to get my eyebrows done, I know)

I hope you have a little pamper session, because we all need to treat ourselves! Let me know what your pamper sessions consist of, and any products that I could use in mine!

I’ll do a separate post about the makeup look if you fancy knowing what I used and how I did this, just let me know!


Thirsty For Thought.


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