What a better way to take the weight off a heavy heart, then talking to your friends.

So I thought I’d tell you about two of mine, and how friends really do make everything better!

They know me super well, so when I was on Skype with them tonight, I had a bunch of things on the agenda to talk about, and it took me so long because we laugh so much. I was able to laugh for a while about things, that I thought I couldn’t laugh about yet. Things that were on my mind just seem a lot better! It’s crazy to think that there are two people out there who can do that!

They’re moving in together properly soon into a flat, which is going to be their first very own place! I’m so excited to visit! I can’t believe how grown up my friends are, I look at them and I look at me, my love life so entirely failing and then I see them and they’re literally just going to get married, and live in THE most fun house ever. I can be their single friend who comes to visit for cuddles and junk food, but I’m good with that I think that’s a pretty good existence don’t you? I mean where there’s junk food involved nothing can be bad!

Let me know in a comment something, which you did today that really cheered you up, or something you’re excited about! I know I know, Im nosey but, you know this!

Just a reminder that having a friend or two friends or a million that know you inside out, is a really good thing and that you are pretty damn blessed!


Thirsty For Thought.


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