What’s in my bag?!

So, I always loved those posts ‘what’s in my bag’, well because I’m nosy! So I thought I’d treat you all to a post about what I keep in my bag, and why! 

For the first time in a while my bag is not full of crap, because I cleaned it out a couple of days ago! But, I’m sure I’ll accumulate more things to pop in there! 

First of all I have my purse, I’m not going to get very far in my day to day life without that am I? 

Secondly I have my makeup bag! I’ll do a seperate post to tell you what I keep in that for emergency encounters such as I rub off my eye brow by mistake, which seems to happen a lot more then you’d think. 

My notebook & a pen. I keep this on me no matter what. Where it’s a passing thought I want to write down, an idea for a post, or treating it like a diary to get things off my chest. You can’t control when all that inspiration is going to come to you, so I keep it close at hand. 

As I live in England, I think carrying round a pair of sunglasses is slightly optimistic, however I have a wrinkle forming near my eyebrow and I’m 20, which scares me. Therefore I keep these incase it gets slightly too sunny in which case I’d have to squint. 

My keys are in there, because I need them to get into my house! Obviously! Otherwise I’d hate myself on the way back from work to find I’m locked out! 

I always keep a packet of tissues in my bag, because you never know when you’re gonna need ’em. Do you? 

Finally I have my earphones! Listening to music whilst I’m out is truly my favourite thing. So I’ll never leave the house without them! 

What do you keep in your handbag? Maybe you can pop something new on there, but if I had to pick one for you to take on board, it would be a notepad and pen! Then you can always write down any thoughts or ideas when inspiration strikes! 


Thirsty For Thought. 


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