A little on the personal side

Why does life sometimes just seem really unfair? It gives you something you want and it seems as though it just takes it away. You’d think you’d be used to break ups after having one or two before, but it’s like that thing you can never really just move past and think productively.

Even if it’s the right decision, it doesn’t mean it hurts any less. If only it did, right? My boyfriend and I just broke up, and well it freakin’ hurts. I use my blog as my diary in a way, it’s a release, so I thought maybe if I wrote this I might feel a bit better.

I’m positive that right now, things feel as though I’m going to feel like this forever. That the lump in my throat is stuck there, and my eyes are just going to keep going blurry because they’re filling up! But I’ve had a break up before, and I survived, so I need to think of that I guess.

Maybe I’ll end up a single cat lady, who knows. I’m going to use this to throw myself into something else. There’s no point in feeling as though, this is the end and crying myself into a donut or some ice cream. However, I might do that just for tonight. As for tomorrow, I need to just dust myself off. We’ve all been there.

If you guys have any advice then let me know! Let others know, times like this sometimes we just need to be alone, listen to happy/sad music, eat whatever we want, and just have a night off life and then tomorrow can be the start of a whole different story.

Sometimes, people don’t slot into our lives as easily as we want them to I guess.




3 thoughts on “A little on the personal side

  1. bethanyrust

    Breakups are tough. There’s no way around it. You need time to heal, but at your weakest moments during that process, remember that you broke up for a reason, and that you are just opening the door to something better in the future. Xoxo


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