Dream Big!

As of late, I know I have been a little bit off the grid, and my posts haven’t been as regular! I have been planning life at the minute, and that’s a pretty time consuming thing!

However I am back!

After a week or two of finding out what it is I’m going to be going for the next year, and establishing what it is I would like to do in the future, I have been trying to make that happen, so my future can be a little more wonderful!

My Beauty Give Away is coming to an end soon, with the winner to be announced on the 21st August! So Good luck every body, and get commenting up until then!

Although we are more then half way through the month, I have some exciting August Favourites, that I would like to share with you guys that I will be posting tomorrow!

In the mean time, I thought I’d share a little story about me, and what I’ve been getting up to this week.

As I have entered into my twenties, a little older and hopefully a little wiser, it has become more apparent to me what I want to do. Unfortunately for me, it’s going to be a little harder to get there, hence the ‘off the grid’ planning time I have spent this week. I, since I can remember, have wanted success, aspired to be that woman who is successful, and does what she wants, as I’m sure so have all of you. It’s taken me a little longer to get there, with some hiccups in between but that all lead to the decision of my wanting to go to University next year, to study Journalism!!! Which is hugely exciting, that I have finally decided I am going to do it, and stick to the path that’s going to get me there! But, I thought you needed to know, that’s where I’ve been lately, planning life and day dreaming!

In hope that you are all interested in reading my blog, I also thought it’d be a cool idea for me to tell you what I’m going to be posting this week! (How exciting!!) I think there will be something in there for everybody, so I hope you are going to be following and staying up to date! In addition to this, in reference to my Healthy Diet post I did, I wanted to update you and say it’s going swimmingly at the minute! I have managed to keep up with the clean-er eating, and working out every day, which I have surprisingly started to love! I have starting incentivising my way to greatness (hopefully) haha. I will let you know what some of my rewards are, because well, rewarding your hard work is fun!

Tuesday – August Favourites (My favourite products bought this month)

Wednesday- A step by step guide, baking a big chocolate fudge cake for my boyfriend!! (girlfriend points?)

Thursday- Article reviewing Michelle Keegan and her new Lipsy Collection!

Friday- Beauty Give away WINNER ANNOUNCED to get you in the Friday spirit!!!!


Thirsty For Thought


4 thoughts on “Dream Big!

  1. emmachats

    I have just came across your blog and I love it! Also, I think it’s amazing you have taken a step back to think about what you want to do. It’s better to spend time identifying your path rather than diving in and regretting it, so I applaud you for having the motivation and guts to do that! I’m twenty and about to go into my last year of uni – you’ll have a fantastic time 🙂


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