Beauty Give away, and sunglasses for every face shape!

Hello lovelies!

First of all I want to remind you all to enter my giveaway! It ends in 2 weeks, so you have plenty of time to check it out!

Check out the give away, comment to enter and be in with a chance of winning!

Second thing, I thought I’d do a little segment on how to pick the right shades for your face shape!

So we have a mixture of face shapes. We have Oval, Heart, Round, Square and Long.

I’m going to start off with round! Okay, so if this is your face shape the first thing you need to know is, get a frame that’s quite big! Making sure it’s wider then your face, so always opt for the widest frame! Try and keep away from rounded frames, and go for something a bit more defined, so something more rectangular or square! This creates a slimming effect, and adds more definition to your face!

imgres-19A little example if you’re wondering what to go for!

Next up…Let’s go heart shaped, because that’s mine! At least I think it is..If you have a heart shaped face, go for something fierce like a cat eye! I love this shape I think it looks great and really vintage and feminine. If I were you I’d keep the frame fitted on your face, and not too oversized! This really balances out your features, and makes you look hot..obviously.


We have Oval shaped next! Definitely don’t go for a small frame, go for something medium to large to really make a statement and define your gorgeous features! A large frame will really make your cheekbones stand out! Or a something a little different, a butterfly rim maybe? To add a little fun to the look!

imgres-18Oversized, and detailed! What more could we want?

Next we have, the long shaped face! Now I’m super jealous of you guys because you can get away with circular or oval shaped lens shades, something which I just can’t! I love these sunglasses, they make such a statement, they look so 70’s and they are just freakin’ fantastic! Definitely fan girling over these shades right now! You guys get basically the run of the mill. You get aviators, oval shapes lens, oversized, you are just rockin’ them all. Lucky women!

imgres-16*Cries a little* because they’ll never suit my face!

Last, but certainly never the least is Square shaped! Aviators, first of all they are just a timeless classic that just suit your face to a tee. If your features are a little stronger, the bigger the better really! Just get some really big shades, to make a statement if you want to have your features a little less defined. If not, stick to the aviators, they look sexy and they are just a brilliant pair of sunglasses, are they not?

imgres-8I just love these sunglasses more then life

I hope this has helped you out a little bit, on deciding what shades are the best for you this summer! Let me know in a comment, if you found this helpful and tell us what you decided to go for!

Coming up…

What’s the best cocktail to drink in the sun, in the shade and well, just whenever we feel like it. I just like talking about cocktails, drinking them, and making them!

Another makeup look is coming ladies! Yay!


Thirsty For Thought


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