Makeup look! 

So as promised I did a makeup look right after re doing my hair colour! Now, the only bad thing, is that I wasn’t having a good selfie day?! What are the chances! The day I need a good selfie day I just can’t do it! So after an aching arm, a lighting and an outfit change I came out with two selfies that are passable and gives you an idea of the makeup look I created! 

However, on the brighter side, the products I used were having a really photogenic day so we can look, and talk about them a little bit more! 

First here’s a couple pictures of the look I created…


The before picture being…


What are we thinking? I hope all good things!

Now for the important part, as to what products I used and how I achieved the look! I created an image which really helped me as I was doing my makeup, and gave me a more detailed idea of the products I would be using! This being…



Now for the best part, the products!!!! (I feel excited when I write that! I just love cosmetics so so much!!) 

 So the products I used here : (not to forget the primer that forgot to get into the picture! Which was a bare minerals primer Prime Time

Face – 

Primer – I used No7 redness control, green in colour primer, I used this as I have a lot of red tones to my skin which I like to neutralise and cover up before I add foundation! 

Concealer – I used bare minerals concealer to hide my dark circles! Fortunately for me I didn’t have to use much product, as at the minute my blemishes seem to be hiding away, I’m sure that won’t last long, but a woman can dream right?

Foundation – wise I used  FIT Maybelline in 115, and I mixed it in with a little of 120 to add a bit of colour! 

Bronzer – I used my favourite bronzer in the entire world for this look which is MAC in Medium Deep. This is the worlds most amazing bronzer, I’ve mentioned this in a previous post Summer Essentials! It’s just great for a natural look, but you can also build on it as much as possible! 

Powder – I use the Maybelline Matte Maker powder in 20 Nude Beige it’s just a really great light powder and great for setting your foundation! 

Highlighter – I used benefit high beam to give my cheekbones a little glow as I love this subtle shimmer! 

As well as this I used my Maybelline FIT foundation stick in Classic Ivory 120 as a highlighter under my eyes in a triangular shape and along the bridge of my nose as it’s just the perfect shade against my foundation. 

Eyes – I used a new palette I found at my local drugstore that is absolutely incredible! It’s so inexpensive and its full of natural colours for a subtle or smokey dramatic eye! The palette is called – undress me too by MUA and retails around £5 what a buy? They are surprisingly good, very pigmented and really long lasting I would highly recommend if you’re searching for a cheap palette that has great potential! 

In this look I used Pro Black (090) – DIOR  mascara. The brush in this mascara is great for creating a really natural look, but if you’re looking for a more dramatic look you could use this a couple of times and it doesn’t get clumps! How great it that, round of applause DIOR well done! I used an eyelash curler to just spruce my lashes up a little bit beforehand as well!

I used a Maybelline black kohl liner in Black, just to dramatise the outer corners of my eyes! These are great for a quick and easy application and are so easy to get hold of! 

Eyebrows – For my brows I used two pencils, I used Maybelline brow drama pencil in dark brown, and a little of Revlon 002 Hazel to create the faded effect as I feel these two colours complement each other really well! 

Lips – I used A Boutique Lip pencil in Chinese Whispers and used it to over line my lips and I like to pencil in my lips with the same colour before applying my lipstick as I feel it adds a really great depth to the look! I then added a little of the No7 Tranquil Rose 45 before adding my favourite shade ever Maybelline Honey Beige 728! This lipstick smells of heaven! I’m smelling it now, I just love it so much! 

Brushes – I used a mixture of bare minerals brushes to apply my foundation and to buff it into my skin and for my bronzer, I used an Eco Tools brush to apply my powder and highlighter! I used an old Elf Eyeshadow brush for my eyeshadow and voila my face was done! 

I hope this satisfied your needs and you are happy with the look created by these products! Any questions or comments just leave them for me to have a little read! I love a good comment I do! 


Thirsty For Thought.  

Don’t forget the beauty give away lovelies! Check out my other posts for more information! 



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  1. RavishingRoses

    Aw it looks lovely on you! Going to have to try some of these products! Love this post would be amazing if you could check out my latest post too xxx


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