Makeup, beauty and a good sunday morning coffee!

Good Morning lovelies!

My favourite thing about Sundays is having a great morning coffee whilst I think about what I need to get done! I know, I know most people love this day to relax, and don’t get me wrong I like that too, but I like to be productive and have a bit of fun first!

(Don’t forget the beauty giveaway is still raging on, click here to check it out, and comment to enter, and be in with a chance of winning!)

Today I am going to switch up my hair colour and create a makeup look to go with it. I will be posting a before and after picture and giving you a list of all the products I will be using to create this look, so that if you like it you can create it as well!

If you have any ideas of what makeup looks you would like to see created, drop a quick comment and I’ll see what I can do!

If you have any makeover/makeup look posts you’ve done comment them as well, because I need a good read and I love seeing different looks being created!

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Thirsty For Thought


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