Dress your home up real nice, on a budget

When it comes to our homes, it’s not just the place we go to sleep, it’s the place where we get to do some adequate vegging out time on the sofa, so it’s a must that it looks freakin’ cool!

I know it’s expensive to do up your home, but we can give it a subtle make-over that gives it that fresh feeling, and it will be damn right cosy as well! What more could we want?!

I am going to give you a few pointers on how to get your home going in the right direction on it’s journey to being ‘The dream home’. Not just some place we crash!

Step One:

Get some mirrors in that place! The more the merrier. Mirrors reflect light and bounce it around the room, so it creates natural light in all the best places, not only a sneaky trick to a brighter home, but the selfie light- think of the selfie light. It’s a must, and a really easy technique if you’re feeling your lounge is looking a little dull sometimes. Let the light in people!


My favourite pick: I love vintage furniture and I think it brings a really cosy feel to a room, vintage mirrors pair well with almost any other furniture, but if not, don’t we all love a bit of mismatching?

Step Two:

I am a lover of Marquee lights and the use of fairy lights to brighten up your home and add some ascending light. The best thing about these things is that they go with almost anything, you can pick them up for a fair price and they instantly make your room look warmer, get these to get a nice and cosy lighting.


Step Three:

In a bid to stay on a budget, this next one is a great money saver but looks pretty slick placed on a coffee table or on your kitchen side. This would be the use of old wine or liqueur bottles. Come on, as women we always have an empty wine bottle (or three) lying around, so put it into use. Get some tall dinner candles and place them into the bottles and light! Simple, now just watch the magic happen.


Step Four:

Mismatch. I love this trick. Let face it matching furniture is expensive and to go deeper into the realms of honesty it looks pretty boring to have your decor dressed up all the same way everywhere in your house! I vote mismatch everything! It gives out great vibes of comfort and relaxation and it’s a great way to express your personality and make your home a comfortable one with a great feel to it and a pretty cool look.


For example I’m obsessed with mismatched chairs and mismatched door handles, and drawknobs.

I hope you all took something from this that you may want to try out, and realised that you don’t have to have all the money in the world to have a beautiful place to live!

If you’re into looking at home decor, and dreaming of your perfect home check out the ‘Houzz’ that’s my favourite app for checking out great interior design and great furniture, that one day I hope to have!

You deserve it.


Thirsty for Thought.


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