The perfect summer must haves!

Hey everyone!

This month has been a great one for picking up some of my favourite new beauty products and buys that I think will be great for the summer! I’m going to list off 10 things that are a new must have in my life right now and some summer favourites, that I think you guys will really make a lot of use out of! You might be wanting to purchase some new things and experiment a bit with products, and I have some really great inexpensive beauty products that I think will do the trick!

Number 1. Maybelline Foundation Anti-Shine Stick.


This product is so freakin’ good! It’s really great coverage, and easy to use! Great for if you want a simple make-up or if you’re in a rush, because you’re late for work for the second time this week.

Number 2. MAC Bronzer.


If you’re really wanting that summer glow, but like me you aren’t fortunate enough to have that effortlessly natural summer tan, then get yourself to MAC as soon as possible and pick up their medium deep bronzer! This is such a fab colour, that looks natural, and you can build on it as much as you want for your desired bronzing!

Number 3. Mango and Papaya body lotion.


This smells like a tiny piece of heaven has been cut out and placed into a tub, just for you. It smells so sweet, and the scent really does stick with you all day! You would be crazy not to get this! People will want to just smell your skin, because, well you smell that freakin’ great.

Number 4. Maybelline Brow Pencil.


This pencil is really cheap, and available at almost every local drugstore. It had a small brow brush on the end, and comes in a range of about 3-4 shades so you can get one just right to match your brow colour! This is great for a quick and easy application, with a really good product that costs very little.

Number 5. Loreal Youth Code.


This is an amazing day moisturiser, and one of my favourite buys ever! It makes your skin glow and leaves it soft to touch. When applying your foundation after using this cream, it flows onto the skin beautifully and blends really easily giving you a really flawless finish.

Number 5. Toni & Guy Sea Salt texturising spray.


This is absolutely great if you’re looking for a product to really enhance your daily look in just a couple of minutes. Giving you beach hair waves, and making the messy look sexy, this is just a must have. Give this a go, and spray with a light spray if needed just to keep into place! Avoid overloading with too many sprays to stay away from the crispy effect!

Number 6. Sunglasses.


Not really a beauty product, but a definite summer must buy. Getting the right shape for your face is mega important to be able to make that statement look. Avoid spending too much time doing your eye makeup, put on a statement lipstick and throw on something nice, and you are already on your way to looking super hot in minutes. Sunglasses really are the way to go if you want something to make a statement, and well to protect your eyes!

Number 7. Nude Eye Shadows.


Getting into the groove of summer, I usually play around with a nude pallete. Using the different shades to create different looks. It’s important if you are buying any Eyeshadow to make sure that they are really pigmented to avoid spending time dragging it on your lids and layering it on, for it to just wear off really quickly. It might be worth spending a few extra pennies on the Naked pallete, Urban Decay to get a lot of use out of a really great product.

Number 8.Tarte Foundation Brush.


It’s worth investing in a really good foundation brush to really blend in the look you’re going for. When buying a good brush, it’s important to find the right one for you, and it’s an added bonus to make sure you’re using the right coloured foundation! A trick for the summer is to get a foundation a shade darker then your usual buy to make sure it matches your tan! You don’t want to have a gorgeous bronzed glow going on, and then a white face. It’s happened to me before, and it’s just not a great look! But the right foundation brush, really really makes a difference, so go on treat yourself.

Number 9. Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb.


Getting your summer scent! This is the perfect balance of floral sophistication. It’s the best smelling perfume around and it’s mega long wearing, perfect for spending the day in the sun without having to keep reapplying and it’s super easy to get your hands on!

Number 10. Suncream.


This is about health and beauty. Finding yourself a really good suncream is essential for the summer sun and protecting your skin. Not only should you be wearing suncream in the summer, but all year round, or at least buying a moisturiser or foundation with an SPF of at least 15. Make sure you’re being safe in the sun!

I hope these little beauty must haves help you out a little in your search for the perfect summer makeup bag! Let me know if they work as well for you guys as they do for me! Enjoy the summer!


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