Why Cyber dating is ruining our lives…

I recently stumbled upon a short film created by a BAFTA nominated film maker, have a look…

Click to read the article and have a watch!

Now, this made me think. Think about how Cyber dating has been detrimental to the whole traditional approach. I got to thinking, that my parents were the last lucky ones. The lucky ones, who didn’t have their whole lives consumed by different forms of Social Media, who only had the opportunity to meet in a real life setting and not via social networking. Now that made me pretty jealous, I want that kind of traditional romance, where if someone were to approach me I wouldn’t think it was strange. Where I wouldn’t disregard the person in the bar, whilst looking at my phone and waiting for a message.

I want the kind of life, where I live it and don’t simply read through it on a timeline. I don’t want the romance that blossomed via a private message, where I’m the recipient of empty words. Now, that’s not to say that Cyber dating doesn’t work for some people, in fact I know of a woman who had great success. However, it certainly isn’t for everyone, and it’s definitely not for me.

The concept of dating online is flawless, if you’re shy or have a demanding schedule it’s perfect. However, it’s tarnishing the experience for those of us who want that perfect beginning, outside of the robotic world. Men are becoming afraid of approaching us, fearing rejection or to be seen as ‘creep’. It’s kind of sad really.

I wonder what Carrie Bradshaw would say, she’d never have anything to write about. So in essence of this post, girls and guys out there I think we should all make the effort to keep online dating as a backup reserve.

Have a bit of fun in the real world, and stop basing all our hopes on the letters of a keyboard.

Just a thought. Love,

Thirsty For Thought.


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