Twenties are your selfish years.

What is it about life that makes us thirsty and wild? free and full of curiosity? Something that makes us want to change, explore and evolve. Why do so many of us live within the confines of fear and trepidation? The idea of packing up my bags and setting off on a journey of true self refection is intoxicating. Finding something that makes me satisfied, spending my money on memories rather than things, becoming cultured and reaching a point where I feel truly happy, but never feeling satisfied because always wanting something more is never a bad thing. Always pushing yourself further, learning new things, meeting new people and finding out a few life lessons along the way can only educate you.

I know it seems terrifying, to leave alone to a place you’ve never been when there are a million reasons why you shouldn’t, but when there is one overwhelming reason why you think you should, then just do it. if you keep convincing yourself not to do things, for one reason or another you’re going to live a life where you are haunted by the words’ coulda, woulda, shoulda’

Let me help you with this, I am leaving my job, to go travelling, live life on the edge, be a free spirit, take as much time as I need on the path to self discovery, meet new people and have a hell of a lot of fun on the way. The feeling is euphoric and liberating. It’s revolutionary for me. I hope it will be for you too.


Thirsty For Thought


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