Is one life worth a click?

So today, I happened to be chatting with my sister. We were talking about our future aspirations, and just our general excitement about my impending visit to see her. After our conversation she sent me a link to a video, that she had found interesting. Something which we do regularly, just to keep one another updated and just to share something that sparked our attention.

Click to give it a watch, ’tis lengthy but worth it guys!

I watched this video with a cup of coffee. Unaware of what the video entailed, unsure of the content. As Monica Lewinsky started to talk, she exerted confidence and domination of the audience and her topic of choice. It was only as it got deeper into the video, that she portrayed a twenty-two year old version of herself, that was, lets say, very different to the woman we are seeing in this video.

Plagued by a mistake she had made in her early twenties.

Now, we all know how that feels; to make an embarrassing mistake, and feel as if it will never be outlived. For most of us that’s simply not the case, we watch as it blows over. For Monica, she watched as her situation blew up.

Is it fair? I ask. Is it fair, that there are some of us who use Social Media as a platform to judge? Judge others on their mistakes, on their life choices, their appearance. The list is endless. Having something as magnified as this happen to you, is something which is simply unfathomable. However, as you watch the video you will understand how high the price is, that someone like Monica had to pay. She had to pay the price of public degradation, for online websites to earn hits. Can I ask, is one persons life worth a click? For a website that would vilify someone for money.

Social media should weave creativity, not become an enabler of exploitation.

Social media is a platform for us to express ourselves, to entertain us, to allow our creativity to blossom. Not to neglect our own human decency, to leave a comment that takes two minutes to write but can take forever to forget.

Let us walk a mile in their headline, in their shoes. Let us stop allowing people to abuse the power of social media. Revert it back to a platform on which we can stand upon together, show unity and to show we can kick-ass against exploitation online.

Can we not just stick to banter? It’s way more fun. No one likes a bully, whether you do it in a real life setting, or you hide behind your computer screen.


Thirsty For Thought.


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