All this texting malarkey.

It is said that UK phone users send and receive a combined number of text messages close to 220 million each day.

Now, the reason that this interests me is because my friends and I got to talking about how much harder it is to convey the right emotion through text, how much easier it is to say the wrong thing, and how horrific you feel, when you send a text accidentally, because the reality is – there is no taking that back. So why do we do it?

Personally, I think texting has it’s advantages and disadvantages, but I think it’s a cruel game and the results are not conclusive enough to either love it, or hate it.

So let’s talk about how texting, is basically social suicide. I’m sure we have all been there, when we are putting our head in our hands, because we have sent an irretrievable text message, and we think it’s absolutely detrimental to our lives. We look at the text message, so permanently placed on that page and then there’s that aery silence before you think ‘SHIT!’. It’s an emotionally fueled time when you send that text.
Okay, so that was a slightly dramatised version of real events, but you get the gist.

Face to face interaction is a lot more lenient, we can back track a lot easier on what we say, and reshape a statement we made a lot easier. That’s not to say we can’t draft a text to complete perfection, but there’s also the problem of immediate gratification that we gain from texting, and that is when it goes horribly wrong *sigh*.

The long and short of it is, texting is so unpredictable, it’s easy to misinterpret what is being said, or for someone to read the text you sent with an entirely different intention. We are even careful about how many kisses we put on texts, it’s like when you start texting a guy and he puts one kiss, and you’re all like ‘okay, this means he’s interested’ then he puts two kisses and we’re like ‘wow, ‘lil bit forward’ and then he puts three and he’s completely cast aside, because it’s only been an hour of texting and three kisses means he is probably way too invested and it’s like ‘woah..’ I mean, maybe it’s the overanalysing of our generation over small insignificant things, that hands us these problems on a plate, but it happens. Women love to over think. At least I do, and so do a large majority of my friends. It’s not a bad thing, if not a little time consuming/probably a bit crazy sometimes. But hey-ho.

There are so many reasons about why texting is bad, but when did we ever do what’s good for us?

Texting can be our platform, when we’re really feeling brave. It has got it’s good qualities, lets be honest. It allows us to say things we probably never would in person, and because it’s so black and white, I think that can be a good thing for us too, it gives us clarity on how we are really feeling.

So, what do you think? Are we all crazy over analysts, or are we right? Is texting really a good way to communicate, or are we better and more at ease with face to face interaction?


Thirsty For Thought


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